RainCommander RC1200

The RainCommander™ RC1200 is the most advanced and easy to use sprinkler controller in the world. Using devices that you already own like PCs, laptops, iPads, iPhones and Smart Phones, you can control your sprinkler system from anywhere. After the RC1200 is installed using your existing sprinkler zones, you are able to:

  • Connect it to your existing WiFi network
  • Rename zones so they make sense to you
  • Create up to 10 schedules that fit your watering needs
  • Manually run zones or schedules during particularly dry seasons
  • If Mother Nature is taking care of the grass, pause the entire system for one to seven day(s)

The RC1200 can accommodate up to 12 zones, but you are not limited to just 12 zones. One RainCommander™ account can host multiple RC1200 controllers accommodating an endless amount of zones.