It Started With A Garden..

Founding partner, Deb, planted a garden and needing to water her garden on a different cycle than the rest of the lawn, she needed to replace her sprinkler control box to handle multiple schedules. As she was headed out the door to the hardware store, her husband said, "Find one that I can run from my computer!". As a software developer, Deb was amazed to find there were no sprinkler controllers that were run wirelessly from a computer or other device. She mentioned this to her business partner and brother-in-law, Mike, and they decided to investigate what it would take to develop one.

Because Deb and Mike didn't have any experience with circuit boards, they asked an engineer friend to help them create the hardware. As the hardware and software were taking shape and the project was becoming more of a reality, Deb and Mike  invited a sales friend to become part of the project. This friend has spent his career in sales and was also a home owner who was frustrated with his sprinkler system. 

The four friends formalized the partnership by starting ZBS Technology, LLC and began earnestly making RainCommander™ a reality. We are proud to present to you our flagship product - the RainCommander™ RC1200!