The easiest way to control your sprinklers from right where you are.

Easily control your sprinklers from anywhere
with a computer, tablet or phone!
Easy Phone
Create a schedule
Pause the sprinklers for 1 - 7 days
Manually start a zone or schedule
Plug In
Get started in 3 easy steps:
- Install RainCommander™ using your existing sprinkler wires
- Connect it to your WiFi network
- Configure zones and schedules

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Sit Back and Control

With RainCommander ®, you can easily control your sprinklers from anywhere with devices connected to the internet. No more running to the basement to turn on and off your system. No more crouching into awkward garage spaces to test a faulty zone. RainCommander ® allows you to do all these things with an easy to use website.





It's Easy!

RainCommander™ works with devices that you already own, including desktops, laptops, Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones and iPads. Create a schedule, pause the sprinklers for one or two days or manually start a zone or schedule. RainCommander™ makes it easy to control all aspects of your irrigation system.

Plug In and Water

Get started in 3 easy steps. Install RainCommander™ using your existing sprinkler wires, connect it to WiFi, then start configuring and running your irrigation system.

Every Drop Counts!

Seeing sprinklers on while it is raining outside irritates us! The average American lifestyle is fueled by over 2000 gallons of water per day. Nearly 60% of a household water footprint is spent on lawn and garden maintenance. The RainCommander™ team is committed to building technology that simplifies lives while enabling households to make an impact on water conservation. 




Water From The Cloud